On February 24, 2022, our world changed abruptly. We found ourselves in a situation where even a person with a good imagination would have been in trouble.

We started gradually and firmly supporting the Ukrainian soldiers.

The non-profit organization NPO „Südamega Ukrainale“ (in English “With my heart to Ukraine“) was founded in February 2023. Our main purpose is to support the fighting ability of Ukrainian soldiers and improve their quality of life during and after the war.

We would like to share our journey so far.

Who we are

Little things make big things happen.

Board members of a non-profit organization  „Südamega Ukrainale“

Piret Kalmus

Piret Kalmus 

She teaches veterinary students at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. She is an advisor and coach of veterinarians and dairy farmers.

Piret Kalmus

Ebe Kalja

She is a coach at Tõrvandi kindergarten. She is a project leader of the Annual Tartu Gymnastics Festival

Piret Kalmus

Jaanus Vahtra

He is a manager of the laboratory and veterinary equipment company OÜ Est-Doma.

Our activities

Battles are won by strong people.

We aim to improve the combat capability of Ukrainian soldiers.

  • We help buy first aid supplies, hygiene supplies, and medicines for soldiers.
  • We assemble and deliver vital equipment according to the wishes of the Ukrainian partners.

We cannot change the past, but we can contribute to a better future.

We aim is to support injured soldiers. War ends on the battlefield, but a soldier’s “survival course” can begin after returning from the battlefield.

  • We contribute to the purchase of rehabilitation equipment and
  • We support the establishment of a physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in Ukraine in Bila Tserkva.

How to support

Thank you for your partnership that makes possible to achieve our goals.
Please donate here

We would be very much appreciative of your support! Everything is built on trust.

We promise that your support reaches exactly where it is needed.

We promise to keep you updated and share the joys and sorrows of this journey.

Non-financial support is also important (“I know someone who knows someone”).

MTÜ Südamega Ukrainale

EE60 7700 7710 0892 9292  AS LHV Pank

Address: Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn
Bank code: 689


MTÜ Südamega Ukrainale

Tel: +372 513 6247

E-mail: info@sydamegaukrainale.ee

Reg. nr: 80622862

Address: Uus 15, Ülenurme, Tartu maakond


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